Business Identity (17-7476)
Business Identity (17-7476)
In this course you will learn to: 1.Value the components that create a successful business. 2.Identify the strengths of your organization, and what separates you from the competition. 3.Advocate your company’s strengths by practicing sound...
Habits of Effective Embalmers (17-7477)
Habits of Effective Embalmers (17-7477)
In this course you will learn to: 1.Predict how your mood will influence the outcome of your work. 2.Assess the importance of your time and work environment when performing specialized procedures. 3. Adopt pre-injection habits that will...
The Shopper (17-7478)
The Shopper (17-7478)
In this course you will learn to: 1. Explore some of the common responses you may encounter, when dealing with someone in a crisis situation. 2. Articulate what the shopper is often seeking with their telephone inquiry, other than cost. 3....
You Can't Fake Authenticity (17-7479)
You Can't Fake Authenticity (17-7479)
In this course you will learn to: 1.Convey the value of your services, and the importance of why you provide them. 2. Demonstrate and maintain the appropriate integrity and respect. 3.Practice emotional intelligence.
Religious Neutrality (17-7480)
Religious Neutrality (17-7480)
In this course you will learn to: 1.Determine if your personal upbringing was influential in your belief systems. 2.Convey some of the philosophical foundations that form the religions of the world. 3.Illustrate how personal bias, or a lack...
World Religions (17-7481)
World Religions (17-7481)
In this course you will learn to: 1.Identify the six main religions that are practiced in the world. 2.Compare some of their denominational differences. 3.Explain some of their views about life and death.
The Transfer (17-7482)
The Transfer (17-7482)
Evaluate the first call information, and prepare the necessary equipment and supplies that are needed. Demonstrate professional competency in the safe and dignified operation of the mortuary stretcher. Illustrate how personal conduct,...

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